Portable Sample Gas Conditioning Unit(portable conditioning unit of hot and moisturized gas)

Hot and moisturized hazardous gas conditioning unit of M&C is necessary when sample gas is hot and moisturized so that it should be come into measuring instrument for analysis or there is a problem with dust or moisture condensation.
Most of gas analyzer is designed for a use in normal temperature so that its function is limited to the conditions of hot and moisturized dust. PSSS expands the functions and possibilities of mentioned measuring instrument.

Model PSS 5 is gas analyzer for normal temperature use and sample conditioning unit. Sample gas can be maintained in 80 degrees C ~ maximum 180 degrees C in basic type. The equipment is ECP 1000 ejector that removes moisture in sample gas with peltier cooler. Frozen dried and condensed removed moisture is emitted regularly by peristaltic pump. FP2T filter removes over 2um dust and sends almost perfect sample gas to the measuring instrument. Portable equipment is PSS5. Inlet gas flow is about 2.5 liter/min and up to max 5 liter/min.

- Gas flow : 0-2.5, 5 liter/min
- Sample outlet temperature: 5 degrees C
- Power 220 AC Volt

* Available to *

- Analysis and research for hot and moisturized emission gas
- Analysis after processing DeNox SCR, NO,NO2,NOx, So2,NH3,HCL,Cl2
- Applying an analyzer for normal temperature to hot emission gas in the field
- Collecting sample of emission gas, offgas

* Applications *

- Research center for Hyundai Heavy Industry, Heesung Engelhard 3 sets SCR DeNOx, Doosan Infracore 2sets SCR DeNox, Korea Automotive Technology Institute (KATECH) 2sets

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Sample Gas conditioner Data